Carolina Westie Rescue (CWR) FAQ


How can we adopt one of your westies?


We assume from the start that you really are looking to provide a good home to a wayward westie, and hopefully have had some experience with the breed.  Most importantly, we know you understand how important it is that we are providing good-caring homes for our dogs – and perhaps soon – yours.  The process is rather simple, considering it may lead to a lifetime of love for a westie, who without you might not have known what a “home” is.


On our adopt a westie tab you will find a .pdf application that you will need to fill out and mail to us at:


CWR c/o Sydney Christian

2 Lake Forest Parkway

Wilmington, NC 28401


If you have any questions while filling out the application please feel free to e-mail us at Syd_c@bellsouth.net.


Once we have received your application we will contact you with our decision, depending on whether we have westies, or whether any of the westies we have will be suitable for you, whether you are suitable for our rescued westies or whether we have any other questions.  Please don’t be disappointed if we don’t have westies available or if we decide your home isn’t a good environment for one of our dogs.  Please understand, many of these dogs may have been through traumatic experiences or may be old, and so we consider carefully who might be able to care for these rescues.


Once we have read your “signed” application, have met you and you’ve met the “westie of interest”, and feel you are a good match, you are on your way to having a new family member.  Understand we do NOT sell dogs; however, we may ask for a donation to cover the veterinary costs of the westie you are adopting.


It is important you read and understand all of our adoption criteria, including future visits to check on your new family member.


Do you accept surrendered westies? 


Yes, absolutely – again, as long as it’s not a mix.  We are a breed specific westie rescue.  More important:  surrendering a westie – to CWR – is usually a path taken when situations exist that no longer allow you to care for your westie.  There are times when we might not be able to take possession of your surrendered westie until we have more room.  In addition we may require you to pay for any shots/care needed before we can find a new home for your dog.  Furthermore, we ask that upon surrendering your westie to us you provide all veterinarian records and so on to continue the care you’ve provided so far.


Do you take mixed breeds?


No, we do not.  If you have a westie mix we are not the appropriate group for you to approach.  There are many other agencies out there, that aren’t kill shelters, which you can contact regarding the dog you need to find a home for.


Can I be a foster family for westies while you find homes?


Oh YES.  PLEASE . . we love foster families.  Understand though we have a foster application and consider foster families as carefully as we do adoption families, particularly since foster families may be one of the first homes the wayward westie experiences since its time (perhaps traumatic) prior meeting CWR.


How do we contact you?


You can send an e-mail to Sydney Christian at syd_c@bellsouth.net or Christen Christian at christen@cscstudios.com.  As we improve upon our website we will provide an e—mail address just for CWR.