Adoptable Westies



Harry’s Story:

Harry was found wondering the street last winter after a snowfall in the northern part of North Carolina. A good Samaritan who loves animals was driving by and saw Harry.  She stopped, opened her door and Harry readily jumped in. The good Samaritan took Harry to her vet and her veterinarian said Harry was heartworm positive and he felt that Harry’s heartworms were very advanced and had affected his heart and lungs and the veterinarian did not give Harry much hope. The person who saved Harry bought Harry some heart medication and took him home. The problem was that her other dogs were jealous of Harry. The good Samaritan sought me out and brought Harry to me. I took Harry in to my home I took Harry to my vet and my veterinarian put Harry on several medications in the hopes that we could get Harry well enough to go through the long process of heartworm treatment.  The treatment itself could kill Harry.  I also took Harry to our vet school to get a second opinion of the extent of Harry’s heart damage and weather or not he could withstand the heartworm poison that we needed to give him to kill the worms. This summer Harry went through the grueling treatment of three separate injections to kill the heartworms which took over three months. Harry made it and is feeling much better. Harry is left with what appears to be early stage pulmonary fibrosis. He is doing well.

Harry is a wonderful dog. He is so sweet and affectionate. Harry loves allot of attention and is happy to sleep by your bed as long as he can have a stuffed animal to sleep with. He has the most expressive eyes that I have ever seen in a Westie. Harry needs that special person who can give him the love that he did not get when he was a young pup. He will be on medication the rest of his life and he will not be able to take long walks, but Harry still loves the outdoors and loves to bark at cats and squirrels. He will sit by your side and loves to get his belly rubbed.

Harry has a lot of love and life left in him and he needs that special person who can give him the love an attention he deserves.

Please email us if you are interested (see FAQ, Adoption Application).