16th Mar, 2016

How to Contact Us

Hi folks, Christen here.  I just logged in to the site and saw that I had a ton of comments.
Most were spam, but some of those were comments from folks looking for westies or folks who want to surrender westies.  If you want to contact us, the BEST way is to email us at carolinawestierescue@gmail.com.  DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT!!  We rarely check those.  Thanks!

16th Mar, 2016

The CWR Diet

Diet is one of the most important factors for Westies living a long and healthy life.  It is a challenge to provide a top notch diet to our rescues on a tight budget, but we feel it is well worth the extra work.

We feel it is important to give Westies a grain free diet high in Omega 3 fatty acids.  Westies are opportunistic carnivores which means they will eat anything, but prefer meat.   Currently we are feeding them Wellness Core Ocean supplemented with steamed vegetables, yogurt or fruits like blueberries or apples.  Pretty much any 5 star food will work, but our westies seem to do better with this food.

7th May, 2011


Bailey is our most recent rescue.  He is very affectionate and vocalizes that affection.  He will come up to you when he wants a little attention and rub his head against your leg or a dangling hand.  If you begin to lose your focus on petting him he will remind you by nudging your petting hand with his muzzle.  At night he will find a spot near your head and spend the entire night quietly sleeping there.  He is completely housebroken and will let you know when it is time to go out and do his business.

We’ve had a wonderful few years here at Carolina Westie Rescue.  We’ve placed a bunch of happy westies, and even managed to save a few that were in pretty bad shape.

As always, you can contact Christen at christen2002@gmail.com

Or Sydney at syd_c@bellsouth.net

11th Jan, 2011

A New Year

 We have had some fantastic Westies come to us and find new homes since our last update and we will be telling their stories soon.

Keep checking back this month, as we may be receiving a new Westie or two.

 Also, check out our sites on Petfinder  and Facebook 

27th Jan, 2009

CWR Update

November 30th, 2009

CWR has a few new

 updates, formost of course being that Winston has been delivered to his new happy home with a senior couple who have several other Westies for Winston to play with.

In addition CWR is working at improving our list of contacts and organizations with which we can work.  Today we were accepted as a Westie Rescue with Petfinders.com.  

October 31st, 2009

It has been quite a while since we lasted posted to the Carolina Westie Rescue blog, other than some of our twitter posts, and it is high time that we continue updating our friends.  As many of you know we have been extraordinarily grateful to WestieMed and many westie lovers who assisted us fnancially in our care of Harry, a five year old, sweet boy who had been severely affected by a case of heartworms.  Many treatments later, he is doing much better, and definitely a much happer dog. 

Today we picked up a male westie, named Winston, see picture below: 




April 6th, 2009 

In the last few weeks we have rescued a new male Westie, Harry (pictured below.)  Harry is a wonderful calm and happy dog, always more than ready to lie down next to you or give you a kiss.  Unfortunately, like many rescues, his past has been troubled. If not for a wonderful good samaritan who has been helping him and who contacted us, Harry’s future would be far less bright. 

Harry has a serious case of heartworms, which has already caused some harm to his heart.  Upon first taking over his care CWR brought him to our veterinarian for a full work up which included many days of getting him back on heart medications and treating terrible ear infections.  Harry quickly began feeling and acting better and we are now at the point where we need to try and treat the heartworms, even though there is a good risk he might not survive the treatment.  We have confidence he will, and even hope perhaps to find someone special who will understand it takes a special Westie owner who will take on the special care of such a wonderful dog. 

At this time Carolina Westie Rescue has received some e-mails with offers of monetary donations towards Harry’s heartworm treatment, which can be up to $600.  Harry’s treatment is expensive because his case of heartworms is more serious than the normal case.  We are in the stage of setting up a paypal account with an accounting of the costs and funds received. 

Harry:  Carolina Westie Rescue's newest addition.

Harry: Carolina Westie Rescue's newest addition.


We also have been receiving updates from Fenway’s new owners telling us of how he is fairing in his new home.  A picture, seen below, confirms for us he is a happy dog!! 

Fenn, after looking for moles.

Fenway, after looking for moles.


Saturday:  February 21st, 2009

To date we have rescued 5 westies, 4 of which we are still caring for and one which has been adopted by a wonderful family.  We are in the beginning stages of our program and still learning the ropes and working out the kinks. 

We started with Marley, a 3 year old female.  Initially, Sydney welcomed her as a new family member after another of her own westies had passed.  Marley was adopted with the help of Linda & Bob Rand who ran Carolina Westie Rescue before us.  They, as we would find out, were in the process of moving out west and looking for someone to continue their fine work.  

Next was Cara, a quiet loving female, that was hit by a vehicle and left with a veterinary clinic in Winston-Salem by a good samaritan.  She would be our first rescue as we began continuing Linda & Bob’s work.  Cara spent a week under the care of the veterinarians until we were contacted to pick her up.  She had a broken hip, broken leg and goodness knows what else.  After picking her up and bringing her to our own long-time veterinarian and after several intensive surgeries, Cara now runs in our own backyard and watches the yard intently for squirrel intrusion. 

After this Abigail, an older female entered our rescue and she is with us still.  See more information about her on our adoption page! 

Then we got Finn, a 2 year old(we think) male, who was being held at a kill shelter.  Finn acted much more like a puppy and was, and still is – to a degree – suffering a severe case of separation anxiety.  To date between Sydney, Christen and Patti, Finn is a welcome addition and while they may find a home for him one day, currently he is family. 

Finn, one of latest rescues and current family member!

Finn, one of our rescues and perhaps a keeper!


Our last rescue, and first adoption was Fenway, another male picked up from a loving family who simply was unable to continue his care due to unforseen circumstances.  

Fenway:  a former rescue and newest adoptee!!

Fenway: a former rescue and newest adoptee!!